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It’s almost summer and the music scene in India is getting hot once again. Like our previous list today we once again are going to compile up some of the best releases of pre-summer from our local artists of North-East.

1. Miseries, a much needed comeback by Silver Tears

The fans of Silver Tears have been asking lately for a comeback by the band since the departure of their long time front-man, Girish Pradhan, who was one of the core members since the band formed, but many years later the band have made a rocking comeback with their rocking new single “Miseries” with the talented new vocalist, Bibhash Borgohain.

2. Khyoma Koribi, an Apology note to mother by DEBO and Rajnish

Hip Hop and RnB scene in Assam, is growing but how many would believe when we tell you that hip hop sounds good in Assamese language?

DEBO and Rajnish, are an Assamese rapper and singer duo, who have been promoting the hip hop and RnB scene in Assamese with our very own Assamese language and themes ever since he had released their first single “Xullo Son’’. And their third single “khyoma koribi” is a sweet ode to boyhood and mother’s love that hits harder in our hearts.

3. Prohelika, a futuristic romance affair by Rajdeep Ghose and Basshole

Since the last decade, EDM and future bass have found its place in modern Assamese music with producers like Basshole, Abhi Saikia, Zupiter to name a few. The song Prohelika is romantic sounding with futuristic vibe of synth-wave, cyber-wave, EDM and future bass.

4. Rock n’ Roll Is here to stay, a homage to old skool rock and roll by GATC

For Sikkim based, Girish and The Chronicles, Old school was always their top priority,

keeping it raw and authentic was what they always aimed for. Back after a long time this song is their second music video based on the themes of the spirit of classic rock n roll.

A hard rock onslaught with hulky glam rock influenced riff, bass lines, drum play and vocal performance. This song will definitely make you bang your heads.

5. Roi Asu, a bluesy Assamese rock anthem by Abhinob Saikia

Assamese music has been getting a modern revival lately, so how can our rock musicians could adhere from making some rock tunes in Assamese.

Influenced by Steven Wilson and David Gilmour, the young rock musician Abhinob Sakia have released his new single “Roi Asu” around February 2020.

The song has a muddy bass line and blues influenced riff and leads.

6. Hurt Village, a strong slap at the acts in the name of superstition by Arkanide

Arkanide, is a heavy metal band from Assam, who has been depicting socio-political issues in their songs.

Hurt Village as a song is based on real life event that goes in and around Assam in the name of superstitious beliefs like fake exorcism, witch hunting and sacrificial rituals. The song is now available over Spotify and YouTube.

7. Xukan, a grungy melodrama of emptiness by Pol

Rupanka Parashar (Pol), have been prominent in the local music scene of Delhi as well as Guwahati since 2010, when he was the part of metal bands Eyes of The Martyr and The Chromatix. But ever since The Chromatix broke up, Pol has been working on his solo projects and have set up his own music studio Mic. On.

8. Solstice, a sweet serenade by BLUMI

Not many Math Rock bands comes out from North East India these days, But this new project BLUMI, by Nigel D Shira, breathes a fresh air to the genre.

Blending smooth jazz and progressive notes with math rock influenced riffs in the styles of Polyphia, Chon and Plini, “Solstice” is a ride to your trippy land. Ironically the song was released a day before the eve of Easter.

9. Baartalaap, a melodic transcendence by Shankuraj and Project Baartalaap

Shankuraj Kunwor have been a household name in Assamese Neo Folk genre ever since his

release of “Ki bedonate”, “Jolopropaat”, “Nakhyatra” and the War tribute “Ronole Jau” that took the internet by storm.

Shankuraj’s protest collaboration, “Ah oi Ah” during CAA also raised some thought provoking concepts of revolution.

“Baartalaap”, his new single featuring singer and poet Maitrayee Patar, is their second collaboration since “Dur ximonat”, is a homage to the beauty of art and music and creativity which ignites at night and gets executed by the rising sun of morning over a canvas, paper or guitar.

Rev up your summer with these nine songs, do you agree with our list? or have we missed some songs here? feel free to comment.








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