“Kaid hoon en char diwaron k beech, ghutan hoti hai par kaun sunega meri cheenkh?”-Raktim

It might come off as a funny statement but I sometimes gets tired of social media, and the reason would that amount of bullcrap it has to feed us day-to-day. Maybe you do but I don’t give a damn about some F****book, oops, Facebook or Pornogram, damn it, I mean Instagram contests, I search for contents with subtlety and substance that most people lacks, let alone common sense. But was social media always like these and from where the idea to post on wall came from?

Back in my school days, there were bulletin board outside our assembly where we used to

leave notes and messages, then came the era of diary and slam books. Funny, but even I had written some wild wishes for a friend’s slam book, and also towards the 8th grade, Orkut was the Father of all social media. Okay, newbees who doesn’t have a f****ing idea of what the hell that was and found Tik Tok right after coming out of their mom’s belly after nine months, Orkut was like a digital diary, scrap book, message board, mini blog, question forum, all compiled into one, hell it was where most kids found their true best friends of true love, but Orkut saw two ugly things, Spam and vulgarity and a tight competition from Facebook and Twitter, so yeah, REST IN PEACE!

Then in 2009, I found a little to something about Facebook and have lived to witness all the

changes it went through and I had changed with the people I made here, hell I had to make and close like six multiple accounts because of hacking and banns as I had no f***ing idea about that shit called online privacy. Yeah, like all I also had encountered keyboard samurais and ninjas whose hands were no less than a razor sharp Katana and I used to get offended, but gone are those days.

Also, the amount of meme that gets spread today makes me sick and vomit, meme was under the rock back in the early 2008, and was under the people’s radar only by 2013. Seriously, anything is just a f***g meme now right, maybe these very piece might become a “meme” someday. And, such is the power of meme is that the corona memes are now a thing. I guess this shit was true when an 18 year old kid recently told me that other people’s agonies are someone’s pleasure. Hell, he was way ahead of us when he said that.

But the thing is that, I can’t walk out of social media even if I want to, maybe slowly I am also

becoming a FOMOsapian, well FOMO, FEAR OF MISSING OUT, I have to explain everything in details for you, don’t I? But I am not a puppet, no more. I am done with making a fuss about everything negative which is why now I look for substance and foreshadowing rather that hype and overshadowing of something.

I might sound complicated like always here, but for a man with old school mind and old school soul, maybe modern world is too messy for him. I want my old days back, but F*** this ain’t no Back to the Future where I can get that car and go back in time, this is the real world that is sucking up my brain.

But maybe I will just have to deal will all these bullcrap with a fake smile, because that same kid also said that if we take offense for everything then we cannot survive. Taking joke is an as much of an art as telling a joke.

Also, social media is just getting way to ugly, sometimes I wonder if I am browsing instagram or pornhub with all those ass twerking of some attention freaks that I don’t know how many times I had to unfollow or block, or if I am listening to a pornographic podcast when I hear that “orgasm” audio over some edited video.

Also, why people stoop so low while defaming someone on social media and why everything is made a big communal or political issue in social media platform? Seriously, are we really “socializing” or fighting like bunch of kids who needs a new toy?

Also, the way shit is going south between Tik Tokers and YouTubers, that’s another new level

of shit that got converted into a bandwagon. Talk about “Jeeta jagta cringe” and you get experts like, “Weebs and dorks whose names I must not take since this piece is reaching to some sensitive people”.

Statistics says that famous YouTuber, mostlysane have not ever been funny in her life but still her content sells well. CarryMinati on the other hand is an introvert with social anxiety which he confessed once at an interview, but the way he looks so damn confident is outstanding.

So this is the reason people with psychological defects does needs the help of social media to create an illusion of that someone might listen and someone might understand in this virtual world since real life pansies don’t gives a shit about our state of mind. But I ain’t no giving justification that being a FOMOsapian is a good or bad thing, I am no expert in such things, but addiction of anything is plain bad be it drugs, porn or social media.








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